business-3189797_1920(1)A coach is a collaborative partner who works with the learner to help them achieve goals, solve problems, learn and develop.
Caplan (2003)

Our personal development programme assist in turning challenges into opportunities. There is always possibility to feel happier, more satisfied, more effective and to prosper with confidence. We offer solution focused, effective and timely way to help individuals to meet the specific challenges one faces.

A series of confidential sessions are designed to help individuals to address personal challenges, develop new skills and behaviours to learn from the process. Our approach is practical and results oriented. 

Coaching sessions will typically take around 60 – 80 minutes, and sessions will normally be spaced 3-6 weeks apart depending on the individual situation. Start, finish dates and proposed number of coaching sessions will be agreed at the start of the process. These will not exceed six and may be fewer, with a review after three sessions.